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    I would like to change the width of the feature image of a blog post so that the image at the top of the post takes up 100% width of the browser window. (instead of the white margins currently on either side of the image)

    I have tried making changes to .entry-thumb by adding in additional CSS but nothing is making it work properly. I assume this is because of parent element attributes.

    Any suggestions to make this work?




    Hi James,

    This can not be properly done with only CSS. This would require some custom html/php coding as currently the image is inside of the Bootstrap’s .container > .row > .col-* structure. You’d need to take it out of there to achieve what you want. Also you’d need to register a new thumbnail image size and use it for the stretched image. And then probably use some JavaScript to control the height of this image (preferably displayed as a container background) at high widths (the aspect ratio of a full-width image that looks good on a 1280×800 display is different from the aspect ratio that will look good on a 2560x144s display).

    Please mind that customizations are not part of support according to ThemeForest Policy. You could hire an expert at or a similar service to do that for you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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