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    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if there was an easy way to change the CSS for links but only in the articles / blog posts (e.g. not all links across the site).

    Something like:

    a {
    text-decoration: underline;

    But I only want it to apply to links within the blog posts themselves to make them stand out a bit more.

    Hope this makes sense!




    Hey guys just wanted to bump this and also ask about ideas for putting a subscription sign up box in the header?

    E.g. the sign up by email box in the footer – is it possible to move that up to the top somewhere?




    Hello Tom,

    You can control the link style in full entries content with the following CSS:

    // Style for links in text
    .entry-full .entry-content a {
    	border-bottom: 1px solid #444;
    // Cancel out the above style for links in galleries
    .mauer-pswp-gallery a {
    	border-bottom: 0;

    Whatever style you use, make sure to cancel it out for the links in galleries (just like in the code above).

    You can add the above code with the Simple Custom CSS plugin. Once you install and activate it, in your Admin Panel please go to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Custom CSS’. Insert the code you see above and save.

    As for moving the subscription block to the top:
    This is a Jetpack-powered form, and it can technically be inserted via a shortcode [jetpack_subscription_form], it is pretty customizable — [jetpack_subscription_form title="My Custom Title" subscribe_text="My custom subscribe text!" subscribe_button="Sign Me Up" show_subscribers_total="1"]. And you could run it via the PHP do_shortcode() function somewhere in the header. However, you’d still need to make it fit nicely, which is a design task. Hope that helps. Please mind that customizations are not included into the support according to official ThemeForest rules.




    Thanks very much Paul, the css for links works perfectly and I’m switching to Mailchimp but it uses a shortcode also, so I’ll try and see if I can manage to get the subscription box in below the logo or something. Thanks again for the support!



    You are very welcome, Tom!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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