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    Hi Paul

    I already asked/replayed in a topic ‘no cropping’ but my question was a bit wired – sorry

    I try it again more clear I hope:

    I reale don’t like that in the portfolio, the added pictures get cropped actually only the portrait 3:4
    landscape 4:3 are fine so fare.

    is there any possibility to avoid this ?




    Please see my reply here. And also know that you can actually control the part of the pic that goes to the thumb:

    With this plugin, you can specify the area of a bigger picture which goes to the cut version. Pretty similar to what you do when you upload a profile pic to Facebook.

    The image sizes that are used by the gallery previews are the following:

    mauer_thumb_7 — big thumb
    mauer_thumb_8 — half-size thumb

    So by resizing these thumbs of the images you have in your galleries with the mentioned plugin you can control what part of the bigger image is displayed in the gallery preview.

    Also, please mind that if after resizing the thumbs with the mentioned plugin, you’ll do some sort o automatic thumbs regeneration, your images will get overwritten. So just remember about that.




    Thank you Paul !
    I’m gonna tray this PlugIn if meet some Pictures, who the auto crop dosen’t mach



    You are very welcome, Mic!
    Thank you for using Bild.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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