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    I just changed the titles and navigation font to a custom Google font using the theme options>fonts entry in my dashboard. However, the changes seem not to apply to mobile devices – only on desktop. I already cleaned the website’s cache from the admin panel. What other options do I have?

    Many thanks,

    Will Shoot People for Food™



    Hello Gabrielle,

    It seems that custom fonts may not have been configured correctly. Can you please go to your Admin Panel, then navigate to ‘Theme Options’ -> ‘Fonts’ and make a screenshot of the settings?

    This will help me investigate possible cause of the issue. Thanks.




    custom font settings

    These are the Fonts I’d like to implement. It’s worth noting that my website’s typography on mobile looks off even compared to the default fonts:

    actual appearance of website/blog on mobile




    Thank you for having posted the screenshots.

    You are trying to use Bebas Neue that is not available on Google Fonts. Please see screenshot:

    It says “No matches in the open source catalog. Viewing 1 family from external foundries.”

    If you want to use a font from an external foundry, you need to buy the font from them and integrate it into the theme manually (some custom coding required).

    Or, speaking of Google Fonts alternatives, you may find some fonts with similar feel there. For instance, Oswald is close to Bebas Neue to a certain extent.

    The reason why you have the font displayed on some devices is that operating systems of that devices migh have Bebas Neue installed, or they might have different substitution rules for missing fonts.


    Please go to functions.php file in your theme folder. Replace this line:
    .entry-full .entry-title, .entry-full .entry-title a {font-size: 6.0rem;}

    with this (as seen in the picture):
    /* .entry-full .entry-title, .entry-full .entry-title a {font-size: 6.0rem;} */

    Save the file.


    I would not recommend using line height of 1 for the theme bundled font. I would suggest not going below 1.5 with that number.

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