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    Hi Paul!

    I had to somewhat rearrange the Theme to fit my needs, but I am hitting a wall with this one:

    If you go to my personal/portrait you see I am using the
    Galleries Archive to have a page with images representing “projects”.

    My problem is, I don’t neccesarirly want the projects displayed like the Galleries Archive is meant to be.
    I wish I could have a duplicate of the Portfolio Archive that I can assign a menu item to.

    I want my Galleries Archive work the same way as my Portfolio Archive since I am not really a fan of slideshows/fullscreen galleries for my more artistic work. I want to be able to layout a little and add context.

    I hope you understand what I am asking…

    Is there a way to do that? Like have a Portfolio Archive 2 that I then can assign a menu item to?



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    Hi Oliver,

    The following should let you achieve what you’re after:

    Use category archives. Basically assign category X to all projects that you want in one archive, and assign category Y to all the projects you want in another.

    Then you will have all the X projects available at yourdomain/proj-cat/x and all the Y projects at yourdomain/proj-cat/x. And you can just put these two links on the menu as custom links with custom titles.


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