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    Hi there,

    Strange error with the Narrator theme (though I get the same error with the Storyteller one too).

    When I expand the options tab in the editor there’s nothing in it and I can’t set a featured image. The featured image for post lists however works fine.

    What am I doing wrong? Not a browser error, same thing in updated versions of Chrome/Safari, etc.

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    I’m having the same issue in the StoryTeller theme. Did you ever find a resolution?


    Yeah, I did actually. No thanks to the “support” staff…

    It’s a problem with the new editor that comes bundled with WordPress. Go back to the classic one, turn off all integration with the new one in settings and presto, the tab appears again. If you prefer the new editor you can just switch back to classic set the featured image and then swap back to the new, the image will still be there.

    I’m running latest Chrome, latest MacOS.

    Also switched off JetPack that the theme somehow insists on needing to be switched on. Seems to work fine without it. Don’t know if that made a difference.

    Good luck!


    offworld, thanks for the help. That worked for me as well.


    Hello Offworld and Fusioncld,

    I’ve just checked Narrator and Storyteller, and the latest versions of both themes (1.21 and 1.4 respectively) have no trouble displaying the ‘Featured image’ field running on WP5. Please see screenshots below.



    If you are using older versions of the themes, which were published before the release of WordPress 5, you might run into problems like these. WP5 was a major update, and older themes code needed to be aligned with the new WP.

    Please update the themes, and let me know if you still experience these issues.

    When updating the themes, be sure to also update the bundled plugins (e.g. ACF). This is vital for proper functioning of the themes. When you update Storyteller, make sure to also install the bundled ‘Mauer Storyteller Gallery’ plugin. A message offering you to install it will pop-up in the Admin Panel once you activate the new version of the theme.

    Kind regards,


    There has recently been a gap in support due to a family situation.
    Please excuse me for the late reply. I am back at work now and will respond much faster.

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