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    I have a problem with a gallery layout in a post.
    I am using the Bild theme.
    Here the webpage example:


    The images behave not really responsive..
    Don’t know what is wrong.



    I have installed Really simple SSL plugin to have https, but just that.

    It behaves like that only in posts, because in pages for example it behaves normally.

    Smart Native Galleries



    Hello Pietro,

    This is happening because there are no widgets added.

    Please add at least one widget to the blog sidebar.
    The blog layout of this theme is supposed to always have a sidebar, like here.

    You can find info on how to add widgets to the blog in the following sections of the User Guide:
    “7. Blog widgets setup”.

    In case you’re not sure where to find the User Guide:
    Please go to Find the theme and click ‘Download’ > ‘All files & documentation’. Download and unpack the zip file. The User Guide will be in the ‘Documentation’ folder.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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