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    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for such beautiful work, your theme is delightfully peaceful and your code very clean.
    I have these questions:

    1/ about the predetermined size images: when I insert a 2100×1400 px image in a portfolio project, it shows a 1440×960 pic. As the original pic has already been optimized for web, the displayed pic 1440×960 looks ‘bad’.
    This doesn’t happen for the #half tagged images as they are showing smaller.
    If I would like the images without #half to look sharper without clicking the light box, and I understand nobody wants any page to load too long, is it possible to change the default 1440×960? 1800×1200 would be better. I imagine it would affect both #half tagged and not pics.

    2/ about the lightbox: could you activate the white skin option to use a white background with grey svg arrows?

    3/ the re-order plugin works fine on home but not on the categories filters, they are displaying the projects by date.

    Please let me know.
    Thank you in advance.



    Hi again Paul,

    Regarding the inserted images in a portfolio project, could it be possible to insert them just at their size, not resized at 1440×960 px?
    Thank you, kind regards.



    Hello Meli,

    Thank you for such a nice characteristic of my work. Creating a delightfully peaceful theme certainly is what I was pursuing, and I’m very glad this resonates with you.

    As for your questions:

    A little disclaimer: It’s best to do such modifications in a child theme or a custom plugin, so they do not get overwritten during theme updates. However, of course, you can always re-introduce them after a theme update.

    1. The pictures in the portfolio projects are displayed in a resolution that is bigger than the actual area they occupy on the screen. This is done for sharpness.

    You can take this further and switch to displaying the same images as the ones in the lightbox. These are actually restrained to 2100px by the bigger side.

    To do that, please go to functions.php file in the theme folder, find the following line (should be around line 416):

    $reg_thumb_size = 'mauer_stills_thumb_6';

    replace it with this and save the file:

    $reg_thumb_size = 'mauer_stills_thumb_7';

    This will affect only the regular thumbs (not the #half’s).

    Then please install the Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. Once you activate it, please go to ‘Tools’ > ‘Force Regenerate Thumbnails’, click ‘Regenerate All Thumbnails’ and wait until the process is over.

    2. This theme’s lightboxes are powered by PhotoSwipe library, which does not have a light skin out of the box. I made a little research, and this is not a quick customization that I could provide off the top of my head. If you really need this done, please drop me a letter to pavel (at), and I’ll let you know about the cost of doing this. Please mind that customizations are not included into support according to ThemeForest rules).

    3. Please add this to the end of the function.php file, just before the ‘?>’, like this :

    if (!function_exists('mauer_stills_project_cat_to_menu_order')) :
    	function mauer_stills_project_cat_to_menu_order($query) {
    		if (!is_admin() && $query->is_main_query()) {
    			if ($query->is_post_type_archive('project') || is_tax('project_cat')) {
    				$query->set('orderby', 'menu_order');
    add_action('pre_get_posts', 'mauer_stills_project_cat_to_menu_order');

    And your category pages will have the same sorting as the page showing All projects.

    If you enjoy the theme (or the support), I would really appreciate if you could rate it on ThemeForest. This literally takes a moment, and creates a big difference. Thank you.




    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your time and the details in your answers. I was very worried about not receiving any news and we can now now continue to work on our website.

    Yes we work with a child theme.

    1. ok, we’ll do it and let you know.
    2. ok, we’ll think about it.
    3. ok, we’ll do it and let you know.

    Of course we will rate both theme & support once we’ll finish and publish our website.

    Will we have to update Stills theme when Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 will be released?

    Thank you, all the best,



    Hello Paul,

    All works fine, thank you.

    Regarding the point 1.
    When we optimize our photos for web, they are ready to be seen, both in quality and weight.

    The issue is that WP images process to convert them in 1440 px ($reg_thumb_size = ‘mauer_stills_thumb_6’) or 2100 px ($reg_thumb_size = ‘mauer_stills_thumb_7’) shows a very strong loss of quality (especially with textures and texts) .
    That’s why we need the inserted photos (not the #half tagged ones ) to be displayed in the standard way as we have uploaded them.

    Waiting for you, thank you again.




    * sorry: not the inserted image in a portfolio but the images which are not tagged #half in galleries

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