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    I bought Essentialist about a year ago, and in the mean time ACF Pro has gone from version 5.5.8 (which was bundled with the theme) to version 5.7.7. For security and functional reasons, I would really like to upgrade this plugin. However, there is no way for me to update it, as I do not have a personal license for ACF Pro. Also, when I deactivate it, the layout of my site gets messed up. Apparently, ACF shortcodes are used in several places within the front end templates of Mauer’s Essentialist. Would there be a way around this? It feels a bit awkward having to pay $ 100 for an ACF Pro license which only allows me to use it on a single site, while the theme that depends on it costs only $ 49 (I am not a professional website developer, so I have to manage things on a limited budget). Many thanks for your advice / help!



    Hello Rene,

    Actually, all of the custom fields in the theme (e.g. Theme Options) are realized using the ACF Pro.

    I’ve just emailed a copy of the latest ACF Pro to your GMail address.

    If you enjoy the theme (or the support), I would really appreciate if you rate it on ThemeForest. This literally takes a moment and helps a ton.




    Dear Paul,

    Good to know about the custom fields, and I love working with ACF. Many thanks for sharing the plugin, your support is the best! I have rated the theme with a 5*



    Could you please offer an upgrade of ACF Pro for all clients?
    I really need this too for security reasons.

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