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    I inserted 4 hyperlinks in a message on the homepage. They are standig correctly in the code. When I submit and refresh the page, you will see the change in tekst. Because the words I marked for a hyperlink are in another collor (red). But when I move the mouse on it, it is not clickable. How is this possible?



    Hello Selwyn,

    Can you please provide a link?

    By saying that ‘they are standing correctly in the code’ do you mean that you modified the actual php files to insert the links, or did you do it through WP Admin Panel?



    Hi Paul,

    The link is: http://geertdebruijn.com/the-eclectic-collection/
    There are 4 hyperlinks in the Dutch tekst.

    I didn’t use the WP Admin Panel.

    I made a new message. And in the tekst area I used the option link in de bar. The following code was inserted:
    Klik hier

    The Original page where I want to link to is: http://bolduque.blogspot.nl/2015/11/rijping.html




    I see that the code is working in my message to you, but not on the website.




    The links are not working due to the modifications you made to the source files of the theme.

    You now have the h5 element with the class “more-posts-heading” that is covering your links with a transparent layer, and thus, they are not clickable. See the screenshots.

    Here is this element in the original theme. It does not overlay the content area:

    And here is this element after the modifications you’ve made. It lays above the content area and prevents users from interacting with it (clicking links, selecting text, etc.):

    What you (or the person who modified the theme) need to do is check the integrity of the theme’s html code after you’ve modified it.



    Thank you very much! This is very usefull, I wasn’t aware.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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