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    Hi again Paul,

    Thanks a lot for your previous answers!

    I have an other question… I’m trying to put an image on the left (or on the right anyway) of my article but it’s automatically placed in the center.

    Do you have some tips to fix this probleme ?

    Thanks a lot!



    And also, by the way, in the “Theme options”, I’d like to insert a “Custom Image” as a logo. I’ve designed it in the required size on Adobe Reader but when I upload the file, the logo seems too small and blurred on my homepage…

    Can you help boss ? 🙂

    Thanks again!



    Hi Sid,
    Storyteller does not provide an opportunity to insert images on the left or on the right, it places them all in the center by design.
    To do that you would need to modify the theme’s code and design. This is not a part of the regular support package. For things of that sort Envato has a service called Envato Studio. Be sure to make modifications in a child theme, so that your changes stay intact when you update Storyteller.



    Can you please provide a url of your site so I could take a look at the logo?



    Here is the link :

    It’s in french tho 🙂

    Thanks !




    In a word, you are trying to fit a thing too big and complex into a small area.

    What you can do is:

    Actually prepare the logo for the size in the theme. Currently you are just dropping a 3419 x 652 px file into an area which is 252x48px. You have a lot of “half pixel” effect going on. First try to make the logo look good on your computer in 96px height (not the current 652px). If it looks good there in that size, it will also look good on the site. It does not seem to be a good idea to use Adobe Reader for that. Photoshop is a nice choice for things of that sort.

    Simplifying the logo graphics could also help (consider your logo’s visual complexity against Nike’s, Apple’s, etc.) It’s hard to make a thing as visually saturated look good in small sizes in general.

    You could also customize the theme’s CSS to make the logo area bigger. However, this alone will not solve the blurriness issue (you still have to do things that I mentioned above).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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