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    Dear Paul, I almost finished a project with Bild Theme and I love the simple, builder free structure. Thanks for the good documentation. My little problem: I need to have both Imprint and Terms and Conditions on the site. Is there any possibility to insert the page links (like a small menu) in the footer? Thanks for your feedback! Esther



    Dear Esther,

    It’s great to hear that you found the builder-free structure to be convenient for your project. I myself have very complicated relations with builders.

    Speaking of inserting links into the footer, I would do it this way:

    1. Go to Admin Panel > Theme Options and find the ‘Copyright text’ field.
    2. Insert links in that field like so:

    Mauer Themes. <a href="/imprint">Imprint</a>, <a href="/terms">Terms</a>.

    The above will work given that your ‘Imprint’ and ‘Terms of use’ pages use the ‘terms’ and ‘imprint’ slugs respectively. Be sure to also change ‘Mauer Themes’ to your own copy.

    That’s how it would basically look:

    If you enjoy the theme, I kindly ask you to rate it on ThemeForest (if you haven’t done that). This literally takes a moment and actually makes a great difference. Thank you.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Paul,

    Sorry for being late, the project got stuck a little.
    Worked at once and is exactly what I needed! Big thank you!

    Of course I will rate your theme!




    Esther, you are very welcome!

    I really appreciate you having chosen Bild for the project.

    Thanks for the rating!


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