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    Hello, Paul!
    Just noticed that when you post something on IGTV with the “notify your followers with the new video preview in your Instagram feed” checkmark checked on (which counts as auto-post to your feed), it doesn’t count like actual “post” by your Instagram widget. Instead of this, the script deletes one of the photos in the footer and leave the blank square. So, instead of the standard 14 pictures, there are 13. That’s what I mean:

    The Issue

    I mean, the script can understand, that something changed in the IG feed and removes the last image from the widget, but it’s unable to get the preview of the new post, display it on the website and shift the widget feed accordingly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Anyone there? Still curious.



    The theme relies on the Instafeed script to show those previews. And it seems like Instafeed does not understand that particular format of Instagram posts.

    Can you please direct me to an account where I can see this kind of post?

    I’ll consider switching to another script for Instagram in one of the future releases.




    I have that kind of a post in my feed (though it was quite a long ago (more than 14 posts ago, I mean), and now it is not affecting my website Instagram feed.

    IGTV posts is a bigger video (more than 1 minute) with better quality and stuff. I believe when you post these longer videos via IGTV account which is connected to your main Instagram feed and chose to notify your followers, it somehow fetches the preview and makes a link-post in your feed leading to your IGTV account.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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