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    I’ve been struggling with this matter.
    Need your help 🙁

    1. Whenever I uploaded my pictures on portfolios, their image quality became downgraded.
    They are totally same when I check media-library, still only in portfolio,
    they are shown as low quality pictures.
    Please tell me why, and how to make it better.

    2. I take a lot of vertical pictures as a portrait-photographer.
    But in your theme, they are cropped and shown as horizontal ones.
    And the theme automatically and randomly make my pictures a pair,
    even though I don’t want to.

    Waiting for your reply.



    Hello Aegae,

    This theme creates thumbnails of the images you upload. This follows the general WP logics and is done so for speed purposes. However, this is not meant to decrease the quality essentially.


For instance, on this page you can see this thumbnail. As all the other thumbnails in the theme, it’s slightly bigger than the area where it’s displayed (for sharper looks on Retina-like displays). This particular image is 1320×982 and is displayed as 1060×788.


If you mean the sort of quality decrease like this, I would say it’s a common practice, and does not actually look bad. If you used the whole sizes, your pages would be taking smth like a minute or more to load.


Can you please also post a link to your website, so I could take a look at your particular case?Maybe you have smth else going on there.

    Vertical pictures and today’s horizontal screens are often a tough match. Yes, the theme crops the thumbnails in portfolio. It shows the full picture (non cropped) when you click. This page pretty much gives an impression of how portrait photos look in this themes’ portfolio projects. BTW, if you’re using galleries (not portfolio projects), you have an option to fit the area, like so — example.


If you want, you can control the area of the picture that is taken for the horizontal version.

    With this plugin you can specify the area of a bigger picture which goes to the cut version. Pretty similar to what you do when you upload a profile pic to Facebook.

    The image sizes that are used by the thumbs in portfolio projects are the following:
mauer_thumb_7 — big thumb

    mauer_thumb_8 — half-size thumb

    Finally, “making pairs”: 
This theme automatically stack up your images into rows of 1 and 2 pictures.

    If you’re curious, here is the actual rule it follows:

1 -> 1
    2 -> 11
    3 -> 12
    4 -> 121
    5 -> 212
    6 -> 1221
    7 -> 2122
    8 -> 12212
    9 -> 121221
    10 -> 212212
    11 -> 1212212
    12 -> 12122121
    13 -> 21212212
    14 -> 121221212
    15 -> 1212212121
    16 -> 1212212212
    (and then it just repeats itself).

Here is an example: 4 -> 121. 
So if you have 4 images in a gallery it will be displayed as: a row of 1, a row of 2, a row of 1.

 You can reorder the pics in the gallery to control which images are paired with which ones. Or I can give you a code that will always display the images 1 in a row. Would you like that?

    Kind regards,




    Hi Paul, the picture quality issue is also a concern to me.

    I chose the theme because in the portfolio galleries I can add context to the fotos by adding text and layout a story within limits. But as a photographer the image quality goes above all.

    I have been playing around with various thumbnail settings (medium, full size) but it seems it doesn’t matter what I choose, there are always jpg artifacts in the images on the website on any device (I tested with my macbook pro using chrome and my google nexus6 android device) where in my original file there are none.

    You were talking about the WP logic, and I have to say I wasn’t really able to understand the mechanics of it. Because the generated, zoomed portfolio header image seems not to be affected where the photos I add in the portfolio are.

    I hope these screenshots can illustrate what I mean:

    Bildschirmfoto_2017_05_18_um_13_23_25” alt=”” />

    I hope you can understand what I mean. Is there any way to make WP display the originals without re-rendering?

    It’s quite important to me to have good quality images on my site….



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    Sorry, the picture embedding is so freaking weird, I hope this works:




    Hello Oliver,
    What’s the URL of your website?



    Hi Paul,




    Please turn off the Jetpack Photon module. Then install and activate this plugin and go to “Tools” > “Regen. Thumbnails” and regenerate the thumbnails.

    Also, you might want to have more “human” URLs. For that you can go to “Settings” > “Permalinks”, select “Post name” and save.



    Thanks for the quick reply! Will do!
    You are awesome Paul:)

    Another quick question… is there a way to klick on the images in a portfolio story to see them bigger?
    I think you mentioned in a post that is works I think, but maybe I am wrong…



    It depends on how you insert the images. If you insert them as galleries (like that). Then there will be a lightbox — just as in the demo. If you want to display your pictures in full (like here), rather than being cropped and organized in rows of 1 and 2, please let me know and I’ll provide you with a code modification to achieve that.



    Ah! I see.
    I didn’t realize you can insert galleries.

    But I would actually prefer the second version since I am not the biggest fan of lightboxes.
    Also it seems in your example the images are wider, correct?
    Was that also tweaked by your additional code, or is that a setting I haven’t seen?

    Sorry, for all the questions.



    I’m sorry, I got lost.

    So what you can do is whether:

    1. Add your images in galleries and have it all function as in the demo. With pictures organized in rows of 1 and 2 and being cropped to album view.

    2. Get a code from me that will make your pictures clickable (in the format of the same lightbox). They can be wider, or same width as they are on your website now.

    3. Keep using single images rather than galleries. This way I won’t be able to help you with making them clickable into something decently looking.

    I would suggest to use the second of these options. Just without making the pictures wider.



    Sorry, that’s what I meant. The code of you would help. I was just additionally wondering how you control the picture size.
    But that’s secondary.



    Hi Oliver,

    Here is what you need to do to achieve that.

    A little disclaimer: It’s best to do such modifications in a child theme, so they do not get overwritten during theme updates. However, of course you can always re-introduce them after a theme update.

    Go to your functions.php file (located in theme folder) and replace the following three lines:

    Should be around line 186, replace
    add_image_size("mauer_thumb_7", 1320, 982, TRUE); // PhotoSwipe gallery big thumb
    with (if you want wider thumbs as in the demo):
    add_image_size("mauer_thumb_7", 1320, 99999, FALSE); // PhotoSwipe gallery big thumb
    or with (if you want thumbs the width of the text column):
    add_image_size("mauer_thumb_7", 850, 99999, FALSE); // PhotoSwipe gallery big thumb

    Should be around line 489, replace
    $class= "mauer-pswp-gallery-img-" . $i . "-of-" . $images_in_block;
    $class= "mauer-pswp-gallery-img-1-of-1";

    Should be around line 504, replace
    $reg_thumb_size = 'mauer_thumb_8';
    $reg_thumb_size = 'mauer_thumb_7';

    Then if you want the thumbnails to be the width of the text column, which in my opinion makes sense as you have a lot of portraits, go to js/general.js in your theme folder and replace (around line 299)
    function adjustPSWPWidth() {
    function adjustPSWPWidth() { return;

    Finally install and activate this plugin, go to “Tools” > “Regen. Thumbnails” and regenerate the thumbnails.




    Hi Paul!

    Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.

    I will follow your instructions of course.

    Best from NYC




    You’re very welcome, Oliver.
    Thank you for using Bild.


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