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    I am having problems with my audience figuring out how to reach my galleries (via the menu bar). A few people have written me “you only have 3 images on your site”. They think the main splash page images are all that is on my site — I currently have 3 images that cycle on that main splash, under the text. (The menu is located in the top right and is indicated by little bars).

    So the problem is, people seemingly can’t see that menu bar. How can I make that bigger or more prominent? Can I make the solid splash page image appear with no arrows at the edge of the picture? I once had just one image there, and there appeared an arrow that made it look big. This is tricking people into thinking that image is the main site — which it is not!

    How can I improve this clarity to my audience? Do you have alternative locations for that menu? It may turn away clients….THANKS

    (Maybe if it’s not possible to clarify, can I remove the splash page alltogether and just have the main gallery page appear as the main page?)

    Here’s the site I’m speaking of: http://leeosbornestudio.com/



    Hello Lee,

    I have two solutions for you.

    The first one is to replace the Hamburger with the word ‘Menu’.

    To do that, please open the header.php file in your theme folder, find the following code (around line 44):

    <div id="mauer-hamburger" title="Menu">
    	<span class="line line-1"></span>
    	<span class="line line-2"></span>
    	<span class="line line-3"></span>

    and replace it with this:

    <div id="mauer-hamburger" title="Menu" style="width:auto; color: #222; font-weight: 500; line-height: 1.3;">Menu</div>
    		if (!jQuery(this).hasClass('active')) {jQuery(this).html('close');} else {jQuery(this).html('Menu');}

    The result should look like this:

    The other solution is to set the galleries archive as the home page. Which can be done by going to Pages > Custom Front Page (if you’ve imported the demo content), and selecting ‘Galleries Archive’. See screenshot:

    Kind Regards,


    Hi Paul, sorry I missed this reply somehow.

    I can’t find the header.php file “in {my} theme folder”.

    What menu is that under?




    Hi Lee,

    There are many ways of changing files on the server. With WP, you can edit theme files directly from the Admin Panel: go to Appearance > Editor. Then find and select “Theme Header” on the right (see screenshot).

    Before you do anything it makes sense to create a backup, as you can easily break the website when working with code.

    A little disclaimer: It’s best to do such modifications in a child theme, so they do not get overwritten during theme updates. However, of course, you can always re-introduce them after a theme update.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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