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    I am considering buying this theme.

    Before I do:

    1) On the homepage, is there a way to make the main image and a couple of lines of text on the top static, then have the blog posts below? I don’t want the top static content to be just a pinned blog post, but actual static content. I like the size of the main image on the demo page.

    2) Can I have an About Me widget on the home page? I was thinking “WDV About Me Widget” or similar, just below the aforementioned static content.

    3) On the About page, I would like to have a custom google map with pre-loaded markers on it. Is this possible?

    4) On the demo page, is the “John Storyteller” font changeable? Is it possible to put an image here, which is just an image of the text that I want, in place of actual text in order to change the font?

    5) On the demo “travel” page, if I call that “Blog” and have all my blog posts there, is it possible to have all the categories at the top for selection (in the spot where it says “Category:travel”)

    6) Is there a Linkedin Plugin (similar to Follow on Instagram at the bottom of the home page)


    Hello Tim,

    You’d need to perform some custom coding to do this, which is not included into the support according to ThemeForest rules. If you are looking for that level of customizations, I’d suggest finding a theme based on a builder like Elementor. It would be bloated, but more customizable.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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