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    I have just downloaded this theme, which is very good. Wonderful simple and minimal design.
    I have a couple of problems,
    The text left and right (vertical) on the front screen are not showing on my iphone (they are showing on ipad and mac)
    Autoplay is not working on my iphone or ipad (it is fine on my mac)
    I cannot seem to get rid of the search bar at the top or the page or the bar with the 5 icons at the bottom of the screen when displaying the front page on iphone with Safari. It is also present at top of ipad page. Is it possible to change the one touch gesture to make them disappear, rather than have both the one touch gesture and the swipe gesture doing the same thing (sliding the photo across)

    Many thanks in advance for your help.
    David Angel



    Ah, ok autoplay solved.




    The left and right vertical text is hidden on narrower screens (like mobile phones) by design — to provide more screen estate for the content, as there’s much less horizontal screen space on mobile devices than on desktop screens.

    I’m not sure what you mean by the search bar. I assume you are talking about the header (that has the logo on the right and menu button on the left). The header in this theme is sticky, and it always stays on top. As for the footer on the front page (I guess you have set up the front page to show a gallery — as in the demo), the gallery template is programmed to always occupy exactly 100% of the vertical space of the browser viewport.

    So unless on your website things aren’t working the same way as on theme demo (, everything is functioning the way it was designed to.

    You can actually enter full-screen mode in galleries by clicking the ‘expand’ icon in the upper right corner of the image area.

    If you want to change the default behavior of the theme, I would suggest hiring an expert to do that, e.g. on Envato Studio or Please mind that according to ThemeForest policy, theme customizations are not included into support.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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