It's critical to install/update required plugins when you update themes.

Once you install and activate an updated theme, you are presented with a message similar to this (just like when you first installed the theme):

To ensure the correct work of your theme, it's critical to click the "Begin" links and install/update the plugins. If you have dismissed the message, you can get to the required/recommended plugins list by going to:

If you are wondering why functionality is contained in plugins created by the same author who created the theme, please note that this is a ThemeForest requirement. This ensures that when you change a theme you don’t lose your data. In a word, themes = looks, plugins = functionality.

If you have updated to WordPress 5, please make sure to update your theme.

If you are using a version of a theme that was published before the release of WordPress 5, please note that it does not support WordPress 5, and needs to be updated. Basically, the version of the theme you are using was created when WordPress 5 did not exist, so the theme could not be tested and made compatible with it.

To use WordPress 5, please be sure to be running:
Storyteller 1.4 or newer
Bild 1.2 or newer
Essentialist 1.2 or newer
Stills 1.2 or newer
Narrator 1.2 or newer

To find out which version of a theme you are using, please go to Admin Panel > Appearance > Themes. Click the theme image, and see the version number near the theme name.

To update a theme, please go to your ThemeForest Downloads page and obtain the latest version. Then install it in the regular WordPress fashion (deactivate and remove the old theme, install the new one, install/update the required plugins).

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  • in reply to: Poor performance on Safari #2 #4251

    I see this one showed up without any delay, probably because it did not have links. So I will paste below the previous message, just without links:

    Hi Paul,
    I am really enjoying your minimalistic theme, but while working on my website I noticed that performance in Safari is terrible when compared to any other browser. Let me explain in more detail.

    Website address is:
    I am on WordPress 5.6, but it was the same on 5.5

    A while ago I also asked you how to remove the 2100px limit on photos, and implemented your suggestions:

    I admit that my website is heavy because I decided to upload 4000px photos to make them look good on 4K screens. I use RIOT and JPEGMini to optimise the photos, so they are not terribly heavy for their size and quality, but still, a page with 20 high res photos is not the easiest to render.

    However, I checked the performance on a few computers, including a 2013 Macbook Air, 2019 Macbook Pro and my workstation PC, and I am happy with the results on all of them, except when Safari is used.

    I tried Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari, and all the other ones work fine, but Safari really struggles.

    I made a video showing the behaviour:

    As soon as I load a portfolio page on Safari the CPU usage goes to ~100% and I can start hearing the fans. Opening and closing Photoswipe, switching fullscreen on/off, going through the pictures, all those actions are quite laggy. Unfortunately Quicktime does not record mouse clicks, so it is not clear when I clicked on the video, but I had to wait for some actions for a few seconds. Everything was instant on Chrome.

    This video was recorded on a Macbook Pro with Intel i9 CPU, I don’t have another Mac to test now, but I did test it before and on older computers it was even worse.

    I was wondering if I broke something when making those modifications to remove 2100px limit. Before I made this topic I quickly installed a brand new WordPress, got the latest version of your theme, did not make any modifications, created one portfolio page, uploaded the pictures again and I had the same issues. This was only a local instal using Docker so I can’t give you a link to that test page. BTW. I noticed that pictures were not resized to 2100px on that new install, did something change?

    Anyway, do you have any idea what it could be?

    I would like to commit more time to my website, but I don’t want to work on it if the experience on Safari is so bad and I might have to re-do things.


    in reply to: How to make images look sharper? + Light box in white #3817

    Hi there, it says on the top of the page “Please expect a reply within 24 hours on weekdays.”

    It has been almost 4 working days since I asked a question, I would like to start making my website, but I want to know I have this figured out so I don’t have to re-upload everything or recreate galleries.


    in reply to: How to make images look sharper? + Light box in white #3807

    Hi Paul,
    I am trying to achieve the same thing as discussed in this topic, display images in Lightbox as I uploaded them, not resized to 2100px. But I cannot find $reg_thumb_size in functions.php.

    Could you let me know what I should change in the up-to-date version of the theme?

    I realise that this will make the website bigger, but with all the 4k screens around nowadays, I would like to see how it works and looks. I am using ImageOptim and JPEGmini to optimise the photos before I upload them.


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