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    I have the following issue with my Menu using this theme:

    A Menu item in my Menu is called “Countries” – which links to a url like If i beginn to nest a url underneath that item – the “Countries” urls suddenly doesnt work on my menu anymore – all it links to is

    If I remove the nesting urls, it works fine again. The theme and wordpress are all up to date, all plugins aside from Advanced Custom Fields PRO are up to date. Before shelling out $50 for the new ACF Pro version – id like to know if theres another solution that might fix this.



    Hi Digital Cosmonaut,

    I see what you mean. The dropdown menu is triggered with a click. So if the parent item would still be a link, there would be a contradiction. Once you click the parent item, it would not be clear what to do: take you to the parent link or open the dropdown menu. Because both these actions would be bound to that click. So that’s why once you add child items to a menu link, it becomes a container for them and stops being a link. This is the behavior that the creator of the ‘Bootstrap Nav Walker’ component (that the theme is using) has implemented.

    I believe you can achieve what you are looking for by adding an ‘All’ item as a child:

    - All
    - France
    - Belgium
    - United States


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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