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    Hey there,

    I want to add a video project to my Portfolio on my website
    But instead of taking a static screenshot and using it as the featured image, I’d like to use a moving GIF created from the video, so it’ll be clear that the project is video based. I’ve tried inserting a GIF as featured image and whilst it was possible to select it, the GIF won’t play in the portfolio overview but just display the first frame of it instead. I’m currently using a GIF as featured image in one of my posts and it works just fine in the post overview (see here:
    So is it not possible to feature a GIF when using the Portfolio post type? Or am I doing something wrong/do I need to convert the file to another format? If Stills is currently not supporting this feature, would you be open to consider implementing it in future updates?
    Thanks for taking the time.

    Lary Rauh

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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