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    Hi Paul,

    How can I change the layout of the images in a project? I am hoping to be able to choose whether I want the image displayed in a landscape or portrait manner. They are all showing as 1-2-1: 1 landscape followed by 2 side-by-side portraits and 1 final landscape.


    Thank you Paul


    Hi Naked Collective,

    (!) UPDATE from 2020: The theme has evolved since this reply has been written. You can now organize images manually with #half and take advantage of Gutenberg’s “Bild Gallery” block.

    This page has an elaborate explanation and examples of how the galleries can be organized: Galleries Showcase

    Also, please see the following sections in the User Guide:
    “9. Using the #half tag in galleries”
    “10. Legacy galleries”
    The User Guide can be found here

    The theme crops the thumbnails in portfolio. It shows the full picture (non cropped) when you click. This page pretty much gives an impression of how portrait photos look in this themes’ portfolio projects. BTW, if you’re using galleries (not portfolio projects), you have an option to fit the area, like so — example.


If you want, you can control the area of the picture that is taken for the horizontal version.

    With this plugin you can specify the area of a bigger picture which goes to the cut version. Pretty similar to what you do when you upload a profile pic to Facebook.

    The image sizes that are used by the thumbs in portfolio projects are the following:
mauer_thumb_7 — big thumb

    mauer_thumb_8 — half-size thumb

    Finally, making pairs: 
this theme automatically stack up your images into rows of 1 and 2 pictures.

    If you’re curious, here is the actual rule it follows:

1 -> 1
    2 -> 11
    3 -> 12
    4 -> 121
    5 -> 212
    6 -> 1221
    7 -> 2122
    8 -> 12212
    9 -> 121221
    10 -> 212212
    11 -> 1212212
    12 -> 12122121
    13 -> 21212212
    14 -> 121221212
    15 -> 1212212121
    16 -> 1212212212
    (and then it just repeats itself).

Here is an example: 4 -> 121. 
So if you have 4 images in a gallery it will be displayed as: a row of 1, a row of 2, a row of 1.

 You can reorder the pics in the gallery to control which images are paired with which ones.

    If you want I can provide a code that will just display images one beneath the other (without occasionally making halfs), and will preserve the aspect ratios of your pics (please mind that some of your portrait pics may turn out to not fully fit the screen then). Would you like that?

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Paul,

    is this answer valid also for the updated theme with the new galleries (those with half tag option)? In reportage projects it is important to decide over the order of a project, that’s how the story is told, and I don’t want to be forced into this 121 etc rules to set the order of my photos. (suggestion, since you’re making a photography theme)

    So I’d love to have that code and instructions o how to use it, thank you!

    Also, I have just updated to the latest WordPress in order to be able to install Bild 1.2. but I can’t find a way to change projects previously made with the legacy mode into the new half tag galleries. How can I do that?
    Thank you.

    PS_ Activating Jetpack is causing the website to go in Error 500. I have verified it is Jetpack’s fault. What is Jetpack involved into apart from the social media sharing option? Is it necessary to make the website work?


    Hi Silvia,

    The reply above is a bit outdated. You can now manually organize images and decide which ones will stand in one row next to each other, and which ones will stand one per row. For instance, this project has been assembled manually, and I was controlling each image width — by using or not using the #half tag.

    In a word, when you want to make two images stand side by side, you just write a #half tag in their captions (the tag itself does not appear on the front-end). You can find a more elaborate explanation with examples in this page: Galleries Showcase.

    As for the old projects, as WordPress 5 has been a major change in the whole engine, the only way is to recreate your project galleries.

    The major functions of Jetpack used in this theme are lazy image loading and social sharing. I’ll be posting an update to the theme this month and will make sure to eliminate any possible reasons for Jetpack crashing in the theme.


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