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    Hi there,

    I’m having a bit of trouble understanding why the ‘All’ category appears when you click on one of the category tabs on the Index/home page. I would like to remove it, could you let me know how please?

    1) The homepage is currently the editorial category – however when I click on the Editorial category, it loads a completed different set of images that I have no idea how they are ordered

    I would like it to just be what you see on the homepage

    2) I would like to get rid of the ‘all’ category

    3) Is it possible to get rid of ‘Load more’ button? Im assuming there’s no loading images in the background and they only load when Load More is clicked? I’m trying to speed things up

    4) I’ve installed Intuitive Post Reorder but I noticed that under the different categories, the posts are not how i’ve ordered them, example here >

    What I am doing is going to Project Categories > Click on ‘Count’ number > reordering in there, but it doesn’t seem to work

    Would love your help! Thanks for the great theme




    Hello Muggz,

    2) The portfolio page shows all the projects you have. The ‘All’ link appears when you go from all projects list to a category (you can think of this as a filter). The ‘All’ link offers a way to get back from a category to the list of all projects.

    Basically, clicking a category applies a filter to the portfolio page, and clicking ‘All’ resets this filter.

    If you wish to hide the ‘All’ link you can do that by going to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Edit CSS’, pasting the following line of code and hitting ‘Publish’:

    .cat-item-all {display:none!important;}

    3) You can get rid of the ‘Load more’ button by going to ‘Theme Options’ > ‘General’ and setting ‘Nu. of projects on portfolio pages’ to a really high number, e.g. 9999.

    4) The theme has been tested to work with another sorting plugin. I would suggest to delete the one you are using now, and install the one mentioned in the User Guide. Please see section “8. Changing order of portfolio items, categories, etc.”

    As for 1), can you please let me know how you set Editorial to be the front page? I have a suspicion that your front page is displaying a list of all your projects, not just editorial. For instance the project “Ted baker – Colour By Numbers” is Commercial, not Editorial.

    Please excuse the late reply, there’s been a family situation.
    Also, did you intentionally delete the links linking to projects from the Portfolio page and made them non-clickable?


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