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    Wondering if there is a way to have the hamburger menu icon when clicked show a vertical menu rather than horizontal? My menu items appear outside the screen, and even if I write a custom CSS rule to change their font size, they still don’t fit well. Is there some kind of theme option for this change, or something you’ll have in an update soon?



    Hi Austin,

    Can you please share a link to your site, so I could take a look into the issue?

    Thank you.




    As for the menu in the original theme with the original code, here is a screenshot of it on an iPhone 6S. Please note that it fits:

    I invite you to head over to from a mobile device and see how it works for yourself.

    What is running on is a heavily modified version of the Storyteller theme. Unfortunately, the styles that have been inserted into the style.css file are breaking the original layout of the theme, and it’s not just the menu.

    The style that is killing the menu styling the most is this one:

    .navbar li a {
      font-size: 21px !important;

    I can see that you wanted to come up with quite a new design vision based on the Storyteller theme. However, the modifications that have been made just aren’t at a proper level of quality. Sorry.

    The solution I see for fixing this issue is to re-install the original theme and make the modifications you want with an expert developer. I advise contracting one on Please note that the official Envato support policy does not include modifications.

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