It's critical to install/update required plugins when you update themes.

Once you install and activate an updated theme, you are presented with a message similar to this (just like when you first installed the theme):

To ensure the correct work of your theme, it's critical to click the "Begin" links and install/update the plugins. If you have dismissed the message, you can get to the required/recommended plugins list by going to:

If you are wondering why functionality is contained in plugins created by the same author who created the theme, please note that this is a ThemeForest requirement. This ensures that when you change a theme you donโ€™t lose your data. In a word, themes = looks, plugins = functionality.

If you have updated to WordPress 5, please make sure to update your theme.

If you are using a version of a theme that was published before the release of WordPress 5, please note that it does not support WordPress 5, and needs to be updated. Basically, the version of the theme you are using was created when WordPress 5 did not exist, so the theme could not be tested and made compatible with it.

To use WordPress 5, please be sure to be running:
Storyteller 1.4 or newer
Bild 1.2 or newer
Essentialist 1.2 or newer
Stills 1.2 or newer
Narrator 1.2 or newer

To find out which version of a theme you are using, please go to Admin Panel > Appearance > Themes. Click the theme image, and see the version number near the theme name.

To update a theme, please go to your ThemeForest Downloads page and obtain the latest version. Then install it in the regular WordPress fashion (deactivate and remove the old theme, install the new one, install/update the required plugins).

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    Somehow, after the last WordPress/Jetpack-update, my Instagram feed at the bottom of my website isn’t working anymore, more specifically: it’s gone. Ever since I’ve tried several things (ask my webhost for help and also the author of the Smash Balloon Plugin) to get it back, but the problem seems to be somewhere else. Also, I’m a bit of a beginner with WP and stuff, so I guess I could use some guidance here ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hopefully you can help me.

    Many thanks in advance and kind regars,


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